Our Mission, Vision and Values are more than statements hanging on the wall – they are how we live and work each day, reflecting the commitments we make to our patients and their families, to the community and to each other. McCready Health: With you … for life!


Our goal each day is to:

Provide high quality, compassionate healthcare through an efficient and diversified service network, maintaining and improving the health of the people and communities we serve over their lifetime. 


These are the values that guide us in our work each day:

Service – Driven to provide the highest levels of service to our customers and communities.

Quality – Providing superior care across all platforms is our reason for being

Dedication – Committed to compassionate healthcare throughout all of our entities

Caring – Our promise that our hearts and minds are connected to all we do

Our Vision

When we look toward the future, what we hope to help accomplish is:

A healthy community with access to the expertise, tools and information needed to maintain wellness.