Cenforce is a powerful drug that individuals use when they find that the issue behind their intimate problems is erectile dysfunction. It includes Sildenafil citrate at different dosages, which depend on the Cenforce dosage prescribed by a medical specialist.

This medication is a relatively inexpensive high-quality generic version of Viagra sold by Centurion Laboratories. This well-known Indian company specializes in the production of analogs of popular drugs, including drugs for erectile dysfunction.

In terms of pharmacological action, the manufacturer’s medications are 100% identical to the originals but are sold much cheaper for multiple reasons. The latter include no need for research and development of a medication, patent expenses, marketing expenses, and other expenses that medical brands have when a new drug is brought to the market.


  • Effective at temporarily removing erectile dysfunction;
  • Eliminates psychological complexes due to unsatisfactory erection;
  • Improves the quality and satisfaction of sex;
  • No addiction with long-term use;
  • No effect on sperm and reproductive function;
  • Minimum number of contraindications;
  • Natural course of the erectile process;
  • No need to take Cenforce Soft tablets with water, as they must be dissolved under the tongue;
  • A sweet taste of Cenforce Soft ensures pleasant sensations.

Cenforce Indications

When an aroused man begins to have problems with erectile function, they typically turn to the well-known Viagra. However, many keep on suffering as this medication is not affordable, especially for those who enjoy regular sexual contact. Fortunately for certain segments of the population, there are analogs of this drug on the pharmacological market. They differ from the original only in pricing policy and have an identical composition to Viagra. One of the most prominent ones is Cenforce.

The market first heard about the drug Cenforce several years ago. Now, it has managed to establish itself in an exclusively positive way and take a leading position in the field of generics. Cenforce has been shown to be effective in treating sexual dysfunction in the short term in the following cases

  • men have trouble getting a hard-enough erection;
  • individual gets a hard state of the penis but it quickly returns to its original state;
  • one desires to temporarily spice up a boring sexual life with unique feelings.

If one of the points listed above suits you, you can consult the doctor if Cenforce is the medication you needed all along. Taking the drug normalizes the erectile process and allows an individual to get full satisfaction from sexual contact. The medicine has a minimum of contraindications. Since the drug is not addictive, long-term use is allowed.

Medication action in the body

The main purpose of the medicine is to relax the smooth muscle tissue in the body part that is directly involved in intercourse. To do this, the body uses nitrogen monoxide, released during sexual arousal. However, the smooth muscles lose the ability to completely relax due to one specific enzyme. The generic blocks the work of this enzyme and normalizes blood circulation specifically where it is required. As a result, a natural, stable erection is restored.

An important advantage of using Cenforce is the naturalness of an erection, which, among other things, is confirmed by reviews of Cenforce. The medicine works when it is needed, that is, in moments of excitement. As you can see, the drug only eliminates factors that prevent natural processes from proceeding normally. There is no artificial enhancement of sexual desire.

Cenforce Duration of action

According to user reviews, the effect of the drug lasts for 4-6 hours. During this period, a person may even have several erect states and each of them will end in orgasm. Some people delay sexual intercourse for a couple of hours, but this tires the partner.

It is important to understand that the generic is not suitable for treating the main causes of erectile dysfunction (low hormone levels, diabetes, fatigue, stress, etc.) and is recommended for use strictly as a temporary aid.


The medication is typically available in 50mg and 100mg dosages. However, one can also find 200mg pills, but this dosage is twice if not more than what most men need. The typical form of Cenforce is a round-shaped pill, the blue color of which hints at the “blue pill” many are familiar with. Besides the pill form, many men turn to the other versions of this medication, in particular the Cenforce Soft and Cenforce Dapoxetine.

Cenforce instructions

People who need to cure impotence as soon as possible, strengthen erections, increase the degree of sexual desire, restore a healthy intimate life, and so on are in dire need of this medication. Erection problems often begin due to both physiological and psychogenic factors.  The above-described tablets will definitely be able to deal with both cases. They are available for use by all men of adult age.

To feel the effect, Cenforce instructions suggest using the medication in the dosage prescribed by your doctor about an hour before sexual intercourse. It is recommended to take half a 100mg tablet first. Further dosing may be increased to one whole tablet, but no more. Higher dosages require a thorough medical examination. You cannot take the tablet twice a day. You need to wait at least a day.

If you are taking it in tablet form, you can just wash it down with water. Cenforce Soft can be taken half an hour before an intimate contact. The tablet should be dissolved in the mouth. Cenforce in any form and alcohol cannot be mixed for the safety of your health.

It is also worth remembering that food intake greatly slows down the rate of distribution of the substance throughout the body, and also reduces its overall effectiveness. To ensure that the results last as long as possible, it is not recommended to take fatty foods while taking the pill. In the absence of digestive problems, it is recommended to use it on an empty stomach.

Side effects and warnings

To buy Cenforce and not be disappointed in your choice, you need to first familiarize yourself with the side effects and contraindications. The medication is not recommended for use by females and 18-year-old adolescents. People suffering from atherosclerosis, open ulcers, stroke, penile deformation, and so on should also refrain from taking it.

It is forbidden to take Sildenafil with alcohol-containing drinks, as this may lead to an increase in adverse reactions. It is not recommended to take the product along with other similar pills. Contraindications also include categories of people who have suffered a stroke or heart attack, as well as those with penile deformity.

Given multiple contraindications that can cost an individual their life or health, this medication is sold only to individuals who were prescribed it by a qualified medical specialist. This ensures that men get properly tested and the dosage as well as frequency of use are determined by a doctor. Only they are able to evaluate all the risks and know which treatment will be most effective.

Side effects on the body

In general, the Indian generic is very well tolerated. However, in some cases, side effects such as facial flushing, blood pressure surges, and pain in the temples can occur. They are usually minor and do not require stopping of intimate contact. However, if you feel that any of the following side effects intensify and/or do not go away, contact an emergency or your general practitioner:

  • problems with the heart and blood pressure;
  • allergic rash;
  • problems with the perception of the surrounding world;
  • headache and muscle pain;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • stuffy nose;

Also, as a result of active use of the drug, side effects such as dizziness, weakness, and chest pain may appear. All side effects quickly disappear after you stop taking the drug. In case of side effects, be sure to contact a specialist. To avoid side effects of tablets on the body, carefully study the list of contraindications and do not overdose the drug.


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