McCready Health Promotes Medication Synchronization

Approximately 69 million Americans take three or more prescriptions per month, requiring multiple trips to the pharmacy. Many consumers say they miss doses of their medication because they forget to refill their prescriptions before they run out.

“Missed or skipped doses of medication cause 125,000 deaths every year and account for 10 to 25 percent of hospital admissions,” said McCready Health Pharmacy Director Frank Goldman, PharmD.

To prevent these adverse outcomes, Mr. Goldman promotes medication synchronization – a simple service in which the pharmacy coordinates your prescription refill schedule, allowing you to pick up all your medications in one trip.

“This is especially helpful for people who take multiple, monthly medications such as those with chronic illnesses or the elderly, as well as caregivers or family members responsible for helping them manage their prescription refills,” Mr. Goldman added.

Ask your pharmacist about medication synchronization. This will help you build a better relationship with your pharmacist that will in turn help you take your medications properly and regularly, leading to overall better health.

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