At McCready Health, we are committed to providing excellent care from childhood through all phases of adult life. While our services span buildings and towns, our focus is always the same: on the person we are serving. McCready Hospital offers a wide variety of services across our divisions. Click through the menu on the right to learn more.

Our services span five core areas:

McCready Health - Edward W. McCready Memorial Hospital

Edward W. McCready Memorial Hospital, which includes Medical-Surgical, Imaging and Laboratory services.

McCready Health - McCready Outpatient Center in Crisfield

McCready Outpatient Center in Crisfield offers wellness and immediate care, behavioral health, occupational health and other programs.

McCready Health - McCready Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

McCready Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, providing an array of therapies, including Physical, Occupational, Pulmonary and Speech

Alice B. Tawes Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Alice B. Tawes Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, providing skilled nursing care for short and long-term stays.

McCready Health - Chesapeake Cove

Chesapeake Cove Assisted Living, a wonderful place to live your life to the fullest with the right mix of personal freedom and personalized care.

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