McCready Outpatient Center houses “courtesy” offices for visiting physicians. These providers have private practices located off-campus, but also see patients at McCready Health. Below is a list of these doctors and their specialties, office hours and contact information.


Anthony Frey, M.D.: Wednesdays or Fridays, several times per month to accommodate appointments. Call 410 341-0300 for an appointment in Crisfield.


Kevin C. Kearney, M.D.: returned to McCready earlier this year (he practiced here in 2003-2004) to provide gynecological services on Thursdays by appointment in the McCready Outpatient Center. Call 410-968-1801 to schedule an appointment.

Medical Reviews


William Olischar, D.P.M.: two Friday mornings per month as needed to accommodate appointments. Call 410 968-3101 for an appointment in Crisfield.