Defining an Online Pharmacy

Let’s start by quickly going over what an online pharmacy is. Basically, it is like a regular pharmacy (you can find a vast selection of medications there) but you don’t have to go anywhere when you need something. You just place an order and wait for its delivery. Naturally, it is really convenient and clients absolutely love such an opportunity. One of the most important aspects the customers have to go through is choosing a nice pharmacy that will not only deliver the order on time but will also promote a high quality of the medications. No one wants to risk their health, right?

Introduction to the Company

my canadian pharmacy review

My Canadian Pharmacy is a reliable brand that has been satisfying the needs of customers since 2003. I would say that this pharmacy offers rather low pricing and at the same time, these guys offer quality medications. A vast selection of drugs is what I was able to notice when I started to explore it. Once you visit the website for the first time, you get to see that it is rather convenient for the users. In other words, I can call it user-friendly since all the basic options and sections are right in front of you. You can easily find what you want without wasting your time. They mainly focus on generics which makes it quite popular among the clients. Generics have just the same effect on your health but they will cost far less.

Dealing with the Strengths and Weaknesses of My Canadian Pharmacy

The Strengths

Well, there are pros and cons that characterize everything in this world. Online pharmacies are not an exception here.

Let’s start with the evident advantages that have to be taken into account in case you want to order stuff in My Canadian Pharmacy.

  • Good prices

If we compare the prices with other Canadian pharmacies, we will be able to notice that here, you get a fair cost of medications.

  • Great experience in this sphere

I have already mentioned that My Canadian pharmacy has been dealing with patients since 2003. As you can guess, they have already learned to overcome most of the potential obstacles that can appear during their work.

  • Wide catalog of medications

This is what I have already outlined above. You will be able to find valuable medications regardless of what health problem you experience at the moment. Here, you can acquire drugs that will help you to deal with hair loss, allergies, men’s health issues, arthritis, and much more than this. All of the medications are given in separate categories for the sake of convenience. You can find the descriptions of drugs and their usage too.

  • Continuous further development and improvement

This is one of the online pharmacies that keeps trying to do their work even better. They introduce the new stuff, attempt to satisfy the clients more, and stuff like this. In other words, they never ignore the requests of the clients and their complaints if something goes wrong. I am telling this from my personal experience and the experience of my friends.

  • Reliability and exceptional quality of the products

My Canadian pharmacy works only with the leading manufacturers of medications. It means that once you place an order, you will not receive a drug of low quality. However, it is vital not to neglect the tips you receive from your doctor. Only in this case, you are going to be fine and nothing bad will happen to your body and health in general.

  • Adherence to the common standards

This has to deal with the previous point but I think it still has to be mentioned. So, all of the drugs given on the site meet the general Canadian standards, which means that you shouldn’t worry about this aspect at all.

The Weaknesses

Nevertheless, some cons have to be pointed out too. Read below if you want to familiarize yourself with them:

  • Occasional delays in the delivery

This happens rarely but still, you can come across such a problem. In most cases, it is connected with holidays and really tight periods when there are plenty of orders that are currently processed. Nevertheless, the company tries to resolve such matters and explain to the clients what is going on with their orders at the moment.

  • A bit slow work of the client support

As I have already mentioned, I have placed an order here and asked customer support about several aspects. Well, I had to wait for about a day. This is not too critical but I know that some of the clients can be irritated by this. What I would like to note is this: when I received a response, the staff apologized for taking so long to respond. It was nice to hear that they recognize their failures.

  • Not that many discounts

When I entered the site, I did not see a lot of discounts. However, this is not great since the prices are good anyway.

Well, these are the main points that have to be covered when speaking about the strong and weak sides of My Canadian pharmacy.

Some Vital Info about the Prices

The cost of medications sold on the website of this online pharmacy is about to please the majority of clients. “Fair” is the most suitable word that can characterize the prices here. If we take a closer look at the price of some drugs, we will be able to notice some nice deals such as:

  • 30 pills of atorvastatin (10 mg, for dealing with your cholesterol levels) will cost you about $19 (compared to $29 at other online pharmacies);
  • 30 pills of fluconazole (50 mg, for treating fungal infections) are $52 compared to $68;
  • 60 pills of azithromycin (250 mg, antibiotic) are going to cost $68.39 compared to $69.99, etc.

As you see, you get the chance to save some money if you decide to shop here. Certainly, some drugs might cost more. You can always compare the price of a particular drug before you decide to make a purchase.

Customer Reviews and Complaints

Naturally, the clients who have already dealt with this online pharmacy want to express their opinion about what they liked and disliked. This is what they say.

“I got my order on time and I am really grateful for this. The pills helped me to deal with my condition too”.

“I placed an order and faced a delivery delay. Naturally, I messaged customer support but unfortunately, I didn’t get a response yet. Quite sadL”

“Well, I am satisfied with what I got. My meds were delivered fast and they were packed okay. Thanks for the nice work”.

“I ordered a medication for treating arthritis and didn’t get it when expected. Accordingly, I messaged the support and they explained to me the reason for my delivery issue. So, I had to wait a bit longer but got my stuff in the end”.

“My daughter needed a special treatment and I started to explore the online pharmacies to obtain it. I came across My Canadian pharmacy and found what I wanted for a reasonable price”.

‘I can’t say the meds are much cheaper here but they promise fast delivery on the website. It was done just like promised and I will order again here if I need something”.

“If you have some kind of problem with your order, just message the support. These guys will help you resolve the matter just like they did in my case”.

Drawing a Conclusion

The final thought of this review can be put this way. My Canadian pharmacy is an online drug store that tries to satisfy the clients and does its best to help them. Nevertheless, there are some points in their work that still have to be improved and dealt with. In general, this pharmacy is quite fine despite the minor drawbacks it currently has.


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